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Negotiations, presentations, meetings: Today, entrepreneurs, board members, managers and self-employed people must be able to communicate convincingly in English.

This is where Your English Coach supports you: Robert Lawson Butt is a native speaker with decades of experience in language coaching and training and your professional partner when it comes to speaking excellent English – in business and in everyday life.

What is Premium English Coaching?

Fluent speaking

Communicate confidently

Acting confidently

Premium English Coaching not only helps you to speak English confidently and fluently. The imparting of language and cultural knowledge also strengthens your communicative competence. And lets you act confidently in business negotiations, in conversations with the media and in professional and social exchanges.

Premium English Coaching focuses on three areas: In addition to expanding your language skills, the coaching also trains your fluency and eloquence. The aim is not only to speak perfectly, but also to find the forms of communication that suit you best – as a basis for confident and convincing communication.

English Training

With English Training, I give you the opportunity to achieve your goals based on your knowledge and skills in a relaxed environment.

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Premium English Coaching
for Managers

With Premium English Coaching, you set the goals you want to achieve. After an assessment of your current English skills, a curriculum with appropriate exercises and simulated professional situations is tailored to the priorities and goals you have set.

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About me

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About Robert Lawson Butt

For twenty-five years I have been working as a language coach and trainer, especially of entrepreneurs and executives from a wide range of industries. In individually tailored coaching sessions, I support them in perfecting their expressive skills in English and communicating internationally with confidence. Not only do I know the specific language requirements in different industries, I also understand the time constraints and daily business challenges of learners in leadership positions.

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"Robert Butt has helped me enormously as a language coach. By working with him, I am able to react appropriately to nuances in negotiations. This is a great advantage, especially in exchanges with foreign negotiating partners in our company. The coaching is definitely to be recommended!"

Peter H., CEO, Hightech

"I have already been through several language coaching sessions. Robert Butt is really an exception here. Not only can he quickly empathise with the respective linguistic and professional starting situation, it is simply fun to work and learn with him. Success is guaranteed.
Thank you, dear Robert, for your time and support!"

Rita S., Entrepreneur, Retail

"I have been working regularly with Robert Butt for several months. He is a master at breaking down thresholds and inhibitions. Robert Butt is able to adapt completely to his partner. This creates a situation at eye level in which it is easy to develop linguistically. This not only makes meetings and negotiations work much better, it also makes everyday situations and small talk easy and confident. I can strongly recommend Robert L. Butt."

Rainer G., CEO

"Robert Butt has supported me as an English coach several times in recent years. I appreciated the work with Mr. Butt as extremely professional and the fun of training was never missing. I look forward to being able to rely on Mr. Butt's great help again for future occasions."

Eva-Maria B., Managing Director, Digital Publishing

"We were looking for a professional coach to prepare a presentation in front of an international audience. In Robert Butt we found a sparring partner who enabled us to present at a high level in English."

Thomas K., Managing Director, Digital/Media Marketing

"Short feedback: the presentation went well. Everyone present was positively taken with the content. This could only be achieved through your good translation as well as your very pleasant support towards me."

Klaus P., Managing Director, Advertising Agency

"I had Robert as an English trainer for about 2.5 years. He always came to my studio in a good mood after a long day. Our collaboration was very friendly and very funny. He took away the shyness of my English conference calls and we worked on my pronunciation, which got better and better. The practice sessions were always entertaining and I enjoyed them very much. I will always contact Robert again as soon as I need support in English."

Kai-Uwe G., International Photographer

"Robert is a wonderful teacher. The lessons are a mixture of free speaking and grammar exercises. Ideal, both for beginners and advanced learners."

Christiane W., Project Assistant, Engineering Company

"Through Robert's active support, I have continuously improved my English over the last 4 years. I really appreciate Robert's individual English training to steadily expand my international supplier network. His pleasant British humour and our friendly interaction ensure that I look forward to my weekly lessons with Robert every time."

Daniel H., Head of Purchasing, Industrial Production

"...I took English lessons with Robert W. L. Butt on a weekly basis (1.5 hours), either individually or with another colleague. The lessons, which covered all facets of business and small talk variations as well as grammar, always took place in a very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere."

Christine M., Personal Assistant to the Board Spokesperson, Cigarette Industry

"Due to many international contacts, I wanted to improve my English skills in order to gain more confidence in conversations. With Robert's help, I was able to improve my skills significantly over the last few months. Above all, the coaching gave me self-confidence in international communication. Robert responds individually to the needs of his students and manages to make rapid progress with a good mix of small talk and grammar. The coaching with him was always very pleasant and I think I can benefit from it in the future as well."

René R., Consultant, Data Management

"After trying different approaches to learning English (group courses, other coaches), Robert was able to intuitively give me the foundation I needed to feel more confident in meetings within a very short time. He also knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere online, so that you don't have to be afraid to just start talking.
Dear Robert, thank you very much for your support."

Thanja G., Interim manager for finance and accounting, large companies

"By working with Robert, I was able to take my work-life balance to a new level. Through our training, he has given me the confidence to speak freely in English in meetings, appointments and especially during presentations without much preparation. I used to have to spend days preparing for English speaking appointments with some sleepless nights."

Stefan H., CIO, Large-scale enterprise

"I have been working with Robert for a year and I am thrilled. My perfectionism had previously prevented me from speaking English, I was afraid of making mistakes.
Today I look for English contacts and love to communicate in English. For my job, it meant a career leap. Presentations, collaborations with research partners and scientific articles are no obstacle for me today. I can recommend this individual coaching and will continue to use it because it is simply a pleasure..."

Anika T., Scientist in AI Context

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Whether a weekly English training, individually or in a small group, or a completely individual Premium English Coaching is more suitable for you, we can find out together in an initial conversation. I look forward to your call or email with your contact details.

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