About me

I was born in Karachi to English parents and grew up in the West of England. I studied in Oxford and graduated in Art and Design from the Oxford Polytechnic. In the early eighties, I came to Germany and settled in Hamburg. There, I first owned a shop for stained glass art and supplies and worked as a glass designer. However, I only found my calling during my training as a Business English Coach and Trainer, which I then started in 1998.

Language coach since 1998

I have been working as a language coach and trainer since 1998. One focus of my work is on customised coaching for entrepreneurs and executives from a wide range of business sectors. I have held numerous seminars and workshops, including for companies such as Commerzbank AG and Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH.

In the meantime, I am increasingly focusing on individually tailored coaching in various formats. Not only do I know the specific language requirements in different industries, I also understand the time constraints and daily business challenges of learners in senior positions.

„My aim is to help you gain a good level of confidence and improve your comfort zone when speaking, writing, listening or presenting your skills in English.“

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Whether a weekly English training, individually or in a small group, or a completely individual Premium English Coaching is more suitable for you, we can find out together in an initial conversation. I look forward to your call or email with your contact details.

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Robert Lawson Butt
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