Premium English Coaching
for managers & executives

Fluent communication in English is expected of managers today as a matter of course. This is not just a matter of business English that is business fluent. They should also be able to act confidently and fluently in English in casual conversation or small talk with business partners and colleagues.

This requires a high level of linguistic competence. Skills that you can practise and develop in my individually designed Premium Coaching Sessions. Whether it’s polished language skills for contract negotiations or English Conversation on topics such as football, travel, fashion or golf – I’ll help you to formulate and understand the right things. Above all, I support you in doing it the right way, namely with the knowledge of exactly those small linguistic and grammatical details that signal eye level to the conversation partner.

Premium English Coaching is the right format to meet your individual needs and expectations. Because here it’s all about you and your linguistic progress. The aim is to give you the necessary self-confidence to be able to communicate and act in English as confidently as you are used to in your mother tongue.


  • Strengthening the competence profile
  • Preparation for the next career step
  • Interview simulations
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  • Counselling Integration Coaching
  • Encountering a new culture
  • For successful leadership
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  • For targeted preparation
  • For upcoming presentations or other engagements
  • in blocks of 2-3 days or by arrangement
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Premium English Coaching

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Whether a weekly English training, individually or in a small group, or a completely individual Premium English Coaching is more suitable for you, we can find out together in an initial conversation. I look forward to your call or email with your contact details.

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