English Training
Individually and in groups

Many people wish they could speak perfect English. Non-native speakers often face great challenges here: Do I choose the right words, the right tense? Will my target audience understand me? Can I react spontaneously in a question and answer session?

With “English Training” I give you the opportunity to achieve your goals based on your individual knowledge and skills in a relaxed environment. Whether in team sessions or individual tuition – here you can expand your language skills and practise English conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

All sessions have one thing in common: you should feel welcome to speak, listen and learn without fear or uncertainty. You can make mistakes at any time, correct yourself and thus improve step by step.

In the end, you will gain a lot for yourself – in speaking ability, in self-confidence and in quality of life.

Individual / Weekly

  • Individual and flexible
  • Bookable from at least X weeks
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Group / Weekly

  • For small groups of leaders with similar skills and common goals.
  • Maximum 6 participants
  • Bookable from at least X weeks
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English Training

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Whether a weekly English training, individually or in a small group, or a completely individual Premium English Coaching is more suitable for you, we can find out together in an initial conversation. I look forward to your call or email with your contact details.

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