Welcome to my Your-English-Coach.Com blog where I, from time to time, write about different aspects of the English language which may help you understand more about the idiosyncrasies of this “funny” language originating for the little group of islands on the north-eastern edge of the Atlantic ocean. The English language has gone on to be used by, many say, more than one-point-five-billion people, mostly, non-native speakers or rather, people from around the world as the international language for commerce, technology and travel. It is interesting to note that there are more non-native speakers of English than there are native speakers now, and understanding and being able to speak either can be a challenge. In Germany, where I am based, it is not uncommon to have a business meeting full of German speakers but one participant within the meeting who does not speak German, the consensus for most companies is then to switch to English which can be frustrating if not be a little daunting for the native German speakers. It is here that I can assist you in becoming more confident and feeling happier about yourself despite the perceived imperfections.

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Presenting and Speaking English to your English Speaking Partners in 2023 – A Big Thank You!

This year I have been fortunate to work with many men and women who occupy very senior positions in their companies or universities.

Almost all of them speak pretty good English but feel they have a certain lack, mostly in confidence when speaking to an audience, when speaking to investors, international business partners and general communication. My coaching work is in assisting them in reaching a point in their skill-set where they can happily speak to others more confidently and enjoy the communication be it at a conference or business meeting or during dinner after the business meetings and conferences are over for the day.

Relax and Just Speak!

I like to facilitate a relaxed environment where the coachee can blossom and become more aware of any idiosyncrasies in their language skill-set and if it is a grammar issue that is misused or misunderstood, this is addressed politely, concisely and with great empathy, which usually addresses any confusion. Should the coachee wish for a more in-depth view of a particular grammar issue, I, of course, fulfill their wishes with exercises which focus on this.

In particular, I like to see a client feeling more comfortable and enjoying the use of their English skills, which reflects on their use when speaking to other people outside of the safe environment I provide.

Grammar is not the Issue!

Although many colleagues love to focus on grammar and often only grammar, I have had fantastic results from clients hearing the sound of their own voice speaking, which for them, is still a relatively unfamiliar language to their conscious and unconscious mind. The more the speaker speaks English, no matter their level, the better they become.

The entrepreneurs, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, doctors, lawyers and professors and many others I have worked with and continue to work with have gained a greater insight into their use of English, whether they are giving workshops, presentations or investor negotiations.

I am always interested in hearing what it is my client does and enjoy listening to details of their work, their challenges relating to work and their triumphs, too. Getting my client to speak, discuss the subject matter they know about in great detail is one of the most interesting aspects of my work because I am innately curious and believe I ask intelligent questions to deepen their ability to talk freely on their specialised subject.

Whether you come from marketing, software, engineering, the automobile branch, law, physics or an academic branch I would be happy to arrange a 20-minutes Zoom (or Teams or other) meeting to gain a better understanding of your needs, goals and current skill-set.

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